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Endorsement and Collective Action

When Donald Trump won the nomination in July, he left Republican politicians unsure of whether or not to endorse him. And now, in the wake of Trump’s latest scandal, many are considering  rescinding their endorsements. Trump’s abrasive brand of politics has received mixed reviews from both Democrats and Republicans since he began his campaign last […]

Blog Post 2: Why did Steve Jobs get kicked out of Apple?

In class, we talked a lot about balanced vs unbalanced networks. We learned that if a network or a group of three nodes have two strong ties and one weak tie within them, the mentioned network is unbalanced. If a group of three nodes has one or three positive ties between the nodes, it is […]

Matching Markets at Stanford

This article discusses the roommate selection process at Stanford University, which is conducted by two undergraduate housing coordinators. Incoming students answer a number of questions about their level of desired social interaction, cleanliness, extra-curricular activities, music preferences, study habits and sleeping habits. Then, two undergraduates—Kelsey Davidson and Dan Miller—look first at the bedtimes, cleanliness levels […]

The Purpose of Matching Markets? Alvin E. Roth, the co-recipient of the 2012 Prize in Economic Sciences, won the award in part for using matching markets to fix the long-standing shortage in kidney donation. There have been countless occurrences in which family and friends were willing kidney donors yet were incompatible with their loved ones due to medical reasons, […]

Are Tech Companies Limiting The Network Of The Web?

Whether or not we use it frequently, video chatting has become one of the most significant forms of communication with the development of the internet. The article, “A decentralized web would give power back to the people online” by Matthew Hodgson, outlines what you may not realize: communicating in this form requires using a platform […]

Why you may not want to be in the stock market post US election

Starting with the most disturbing recent news, Russian Government officials have been told to immediately bring back children studying abroad. This may be a sign of further international relations uncertainty to come. Russia may be signaling an increased presence in conflict regions such as Turkey and Syria which will ultimately lead to Global tensions, and […]

Using Google PageRank to Determine A Pages Importance

With the prevalence of the internet throughout the daily lives of people all over the world the importance of what search results a person sees when they use a search engine are extremely important.  In 2015 alone Google, the world’s most used search engine received over 1.2 trillion searches which for each one Google had to […]

The Knowledge Graph: How One Link Leads to Another

We exist in giant components of networks and connected by shared experiences. From Facebook’s display of mutual friends to LinkedIn’s “people you may know” feature, the Internet makes the saying “it’s a small world” incredibly real. In 2012, Google contributed to the realization of interconnectedness by creating the Knowledge Graph as well as a game […]

4chan tries to make Google censor itself

source: 4chan, the recently popularized online forum, has begun a campaign to try and outsmart Google. The forum, specifically the cyber-warriors that frequent it, have begun to replace racial slurs with the word Google, in an effort to render Google’s search/censor AI ineffective. By replacing all instances of racial slurs on social media with […]

Comeback Kid Basquiat’s Canvas Boosts $229 Million U.K. Auctions This article discusses the highlights from the Frieze week art auctions in London. During this week, three different auction houses hold art auctions – Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips. These auction houses are places for artwork to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Auctions like this are utilized in order to allow the markets and […]

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