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A One Up On ‘Betting Your Beliefs’

Horse betting has been a crucial faction of American gambling for dozens of decades, and continues to make its financial mark, both good and bad, on hundreds of thousands of willing bettors every year. One caveat of the horse betting industry is figuring out a way to make the most money given the possible ways to […]

Heat Networks in the UK

According to this article, a heat network is a “means of distributing heat from a generation source, to the end user.” This is commonly done using insulated pipes full of flowing hot water. The water can be used to heat whole rooms or for hot water.  Heating densely populated areas with this type of heating […]

Evolutionary Stable Strategies in Orangutan Reproduction

The idea of evolution stable strategies has arisen in discussions why certain traits of animals survive in nature. The main idea concerning this concept is that one strategy is not only a Nash equilibrium , but performing the strategy also gives the animal the greatest chance of surviving in the wild. This means, in the […]

Typhoid Mary within a Contact Network

Mary Mallon immigrated to New York City from Ireland in the early 1880’s. During her early years in the city, she worked as a cook in nine families, eight of which contracted typhoid. A sanitary engineer investigated these cases and traced their origin back to Mary Mallon, who quickly earned the nickname “Typhoid Mary.” She […]

Cascading Support for Paris

After the recent Paris attacks, people from all over the world started giving support in favor of the city after all the chaos that occurred. Most of these acts of solidarity were very simple. Many users on Facebook changed their profile pictures to be opaque with an image of the French flag. A soccer club, […]

Information Cascades within Social Media The above article discusses how misinformation can be spread through social media, specifically noting false statements regarding the recent tragedy within Paris. According to the article, false statements get spread around as truth on social media due to a cascading effect. Once a post (or tweet or article) receives enough likes, people begin to […]

Cyber Monday and the Effect of Sales

In the linked article, speculation is given as to how this year’s “Cyber Monday” will compare to those of previous years. This article gives several statistics to show exactly why the chances are good that this year’s event will draw even more money in – namely, the fact that “Cyber Monday has grown every year […]

Information Cascades and the Adoption of Software

In a broad sense, the term information cascade is defined as an individual’s decision among multiple competing products. Each individual naturally has two sources of information: His own information – general knowledge of the product, or knowledge gained by reading about the product. The information given by others – reviews, word of mouth, etc As we have […]

The European Tipping Point for Facebook

Facebook is a household name in America, but the same can’t be said of other countries. Many countries have other competing social networking websites that outcompete Facebook. This is understandable because the culture differences from country to country can cause many problems. However, one could argue that the most effective social networking site isn’t the […]

Network Effects Reversed as Social Network Increases

This article discuses the idea that social networks may be failing as the become larger and larger. It brings to light the idea that from the company’s stand point, a larger scale network creates larger value as more people open the possibility of bringing in more people. A growth that is aided by the rich […]

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