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Using the Social Media to Advertise and Campaign

With the prolific growth of social media today, it’s hard for companies to ignore it. For Tesla, social media has become their powerful source of advertising. Through the word-of-mouth of many owners, a huge amount of hype was generated, and that was enough to get people excited and interested in Tesla’s cars. At the same time, […]

Early Adopters & Apple Watch

How does adoption of behaviours propagate among social networks? Let’s take, for example Apple’s wearable technology, the Apple Watch. First appearing on the tech scene mid-year 2015, murmurs were to be heard of how likely the watch would catch on with the mass populace. Surprisingly, evidence has shown that people are generally quite satisfied with […]

Information Cascade or Direct Benefit? Peer effects in Financial Decisions

Paper Cited: Bursztyn, L., Ederer, F., Ferman, B., & Yuchtman, N. (2014). Understanding mechanisms underlying peer effects: Evidence from a field experiment on financial decisions. Econometrica, 82(4), 1273-1301. Link:   People often make choices similar to choices made by their friends. I buy this t-shirt because my friend has one, we have “what they […]

Peer-to-Peer Payment Services

In class, we learned about direct and indirect benefits a consumer can receive from using a product. An indirect benefit of following a crowd is based on the premise that a consumer can infer that a product is good quality because everyone else is using the product. In lecture, one example was that a person may decide to […]

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