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IoT and an all-new network and the need for security

We’re all too familiar with the networks of technology and the network of humans; but what happens when you combine these two to recreate something with the best of the two? A new network called the Internet of Things (IoT) is created. What is the IoT? The IoT is a global network of devices, linking physical and virtual objects through the exploitation of data capture and communication capabilities.(1) Everything from a fitbit connected to a phone, to that phone connected to the laptop next to it, contributes to this large, ever-growing network of the IoT.

With this vast network, comes the need for there to be secure portals and connections. Take for example a baby-monitoring system. With the evolution in technology, baby monitors are now connected to the parents’ phones, laptops, tablets and virtually any other device being used to monitor the baby. (2 -for example: mimobaby ) But there have been revealed certain flaws in such systems, allowing hackers to find a weak connection, breaking it, and increasing the risk for the entire family. This leaves not just the family vulnerable, but puts the companies setting these up in greater risk. (3)  Here is when companies such as PubNub, Pusher come into action. Take for example PubNub: it owns 13 data centres in 6 continents, and provides the guarantee of no open ports throughout this IoT network. By increasing the number of nodes (data centres) the information goes through more channels than it would on its own. Each time it does, the strength of the signal is brought back to normal and the possibility of reduced security is avoided. By an increased signal strength and a more secure streaming network, it enables PubNub to reduce the time that this IoT network takes to as low as .3 seconds to go around the globe. And hence, security and speed, both are achieved.









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