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Product loyalty cascade

As Apple focuses on integrating all of its products, it becomes more and more attractive to use all Apple products. While many Apple products are popular for their intrinsic value, using all Apple everything creates even more value. Especially with recent updates that streamline the transition between devices, there is added incentive to rely on Apple for all devices and apps. Updates include unified aesthetic, notifications, messaging, synched directions, and the option to create a wifi hotspot with your iPhone. Though the author of the above article was against relying on one company for all technologies, he ended up transitioning to all Apple products — iPhone, iPad, iMac, Pages, Safari, Apple Pay, and Apple’s mail app (leaving behind some Google and Amazon products and services). He notes that now it would be difficult to transition away from Apple products and says that using all Apple resulted in a “blissful reduction in cognitive load.”

In many was this transition of personal technologies is analogous to diffusion of innovations through cultures. Instead of adoption of a single innovation spreading through society, the diffusion occurs on an individual level as a consumer chooses to utilize one company to fill more and more technological needs. There is a direct benefit associated with using the same company more—possibly a great benefit, depending on how well the company integrates its products. Additionally, though there cannot be an information cascade, as the consumer will always have access to his own information, there is another incentive that would push a consumer to adopt more of the same company’s products. That is, the more a consumer uses a company’s products, the more they seem likely to continue to adopt more of the company’s products (regardless on the quality of the additional products,) whether out of brand loyalty or passiveness. At a certain tipping point, a consumer is likely to convert entirely, as the author of the above article did.


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