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Snapchat and Network Effects

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send pictures or videos for a specified amount of seconds. Short captions can be added, and the pictures can also be drawn on with an assorted color “pen” feature. Users have usernames and phone numbers associated with their accounts, and people can search for friends using the […]

Why “Clash of Clans” is popular?

Clash of Clans is one of the most famous app video games in history. Since its release in 2012, “Clash of Clans” has dominated Apple’s App Store, quickly climbing the ranks and claiming the title of No.1 highest-grossing app overall. In 2013, its development studio, Supercell, raked in $892 million in revenue, and the app […]

Facebook New Apps and Information Effects

Facebook, the social network giant, has published five new mobile apps this year. Recently, Facebook launched a new mobile app called Facebook Groups. The group feature is one of the most popular tools on Facebook. Simply speaking, the new Groups app is just the company’s strategy to split its group feature from its major mobile app, […]

Chinese Social Network Site, Renren Struggles as Users Leave

A new Chinese social media site was claimed to be the ‘new Facebook of China’ in 2011, however 3 years later, it seems it is more likely the Myspace of China than the Facebook. The article discusses how despite Renren being one of China’s first social media sites, Renren struggles to compete with its rivals, in […]

Product loyalty cascade As Apple focuses on integrating all of its products, it becomes more and more attractive to use all Apple products. While many Apple products are popular for their intrinsic value, using all Apple everything creates even more value. Especially with recent updates that streamline the transition between devices, there is added incentive to rely […]

Alex from Target and the Power of Networks The newest trend in instagram, twitter, and all social media that follow hashtags, is the #AlexfromTarget. What would have been impossible a decade ago has launched a young, ordinary teen into fame due to the power of networks. The #AlexfromTarget phenomenon occurred in November 2 around noon. Alex Lee was working a shift at […]

Citogenesis and Trusting the Internet In the age of the internet where anyone and everyone can and will say anything, knowing that information is trustworthy is becoming more and more of an issue. One resource whose trustworthiness has long been debated is Wikipedia. While there are valid arguments on both sides of the issue, one fact that is certain […]

‘Tinder may not be worth $5B, but it’s way more valuable than you think’ The mobile revolution has had an impact on essentially every aspect of human interaction.  Today, people are constantly connected through mobile devices, and new mediums tailored specifically for a mobile platform are being released to the public continuously.  It should be no surprise that the online dating world has started to adjust to this […]

Facebook vs. LinkedIn: A Case of Network Effects

Article: This article highlights Facebook’s recently announced plans to offer a new work-oriented offering to rival the likes of LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google and The new service will look similar to the consumer version of Facebook, except users can keep their personal posting, pictures and identity separate from the professional and work content. The new […]

Tinder- New Age of Dating

Tinder, only being released for the past 2 years, is the new, fast growing dating app. But what makes it so different from other dating sites such as or OkCupid? Not only is Tinder spreading like wildfire in the dating world, but it’s popularity and number of users have surpassed those of other dating […]

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