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Arbitraging in the Advertising Market Auction

Bloomberg is known for being a company heavily involved in financial matters. On their website was an article titled “High-Speed Ad Traders Profit by Arbitraging Your Eyeballs”, which focuses on the market for Internet advertising. Internet advertising is growing, and online display ads and search ads such as those on Google contribute to the growth. […]

Prefundia: a Kickstarter for Kickstarter

If you have to know one thing before starting a Kickstarter project, it’s that not every project is a party like “Potato Salad” by Zach Danger Brown. In a way, Kickstarter — a platform that helps raise funds for potential projects — has become a way for entrepreneurs and the like to gauge potential success […]

The Relationship between Propaganda and Information Cascades

In this blog post, the way propaganda ties with information cascades will be explored. So first, what exactly is propaganda? A rather complete definition states that propaganda is “the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthered the desired intent of the propagandist.” Throughout history, propaganda […]

Network Effects and Cascades in Purchasing Gaming Consoles

Network effects are greatly involved in the decision of purchasing a new gaming console, as sales updates continuously show the choices of the majority.  There is also direct-benefit effects due to the choices of your friends, as the games become more fun with more people to play with.  At this point, the PS4 is leading […]

False quote information cascade In this article, the author talks about an information cascade in which a popular quote was mistakenly attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr. on the internet. Many people posted a quote online and attributed it to MLK to talk about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. The author explains that the internet can both […]

Ebola in the US: Media over-exaggerated into a panic

Although Ebola has been a problem in African countries for years, it has since become an “epidemic” once an American doctor was diagnosed with the deadly disease. Since then, the United States has taken several precautions to prevent further spread of the disease to the country. The media has hyped up the situation and caused […]

Information Cascades in Torrents

source – On many peer to peer filing sharing site when you search for a file, you tend to see that there is always a top torrent, ahead by a large percentage over the other torrents. Typically it is easy to see that there is an exponential drop in seeders from the top torrent. […]

ISIS and the Small World Phenomenon

ISIS is currently the most well-known terrorist organization in current news. Media outlets bombard readers and viewers with story after story of people in western countries who are committing terrorist acts on the same beliefs of ISIS. The few individuals who attempt to join ISIS or aid it even though they are American are a […]

Popularity in Social Networks and the Impact of Daily Use

For the past week, we have been learning a lot about popularity in the case of webpages and market products. Notably, we’ve been applying power laws to determine the distribution of popularity among products. Now, while we primarily focused on web pages and market products like books or music, this distribution of property via power […]

Misinformation Cascading Towards Tragedy: Harmful Accusations in the Wake of the Boston Bombing

After the Boston Marathon came to a gruesome end, tensions soared. Swaths of Americans from all across the country called for the perpetrators of the attack to receive swift justice. Unfortunately, this fiery agitation led to one of the most prominent misinformed witch-hunts of the decade. An article published in The Atlantic last year discusses […]

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