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Winner’s Curse

Winner’s curse is a concept that was mentioned in class that states that the winners often lose even when they ironically win the auction. In a paper titled “Anomalies, The Winner’s Curse” by Richard Thaler, it is not easy for bidders to overcome the winner’s curse; doing so would require considering two seemingly opposite approaches: […]

The Evolution of Ad Space It is no secret that the rules governing the cyberspace are fickle and giant corporations are dedicating massive manpower and capital to keep up with the trends in order to turn a profit and satisfy their investors. One big issue currently affecting the tech giant Google is the adaptation of their ad revenue protocol […]

U.S. setting uNetwork of Hospitals for Ebola Care-Officials Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have been struggling with Ebola since March which has became the largest outbreak ever recorded. The disease is causing widespread fear and disruption in West Africa and the whole world. It shows no signs of being brought under control. U.S. health officials are setting up a network of about […]

Network Exchange Theory in Fantasy Football

During our class discussion regarding Network Exchange Theory, I could not help thinking about fantasy football that I play on yahoo. Ironically, while this Network Exchange Theory was being discussed in class, I had been knee deep in trade discussions in my league. I had the misfortune of drafting both Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice […]

Preventing Military Conflicts

In our current era of globalization, there are more links than ever before among nations. Massive quantities of goods are being traded around the world, military alliances span across oceans, and communication with other nations can be nearly instantaneous. An article in the MIT Technology Review, called “Network Theory Reveals The Hidden Link Between Trade […]

The Science of Trend-Setting As I was sitting through lecture learning about how being in a social group affects decision-making, I couldn’t help but make the immediate connection to trends. Fashion, music, hobbies, you name it; It seems that in society there’s always a steady flux of trends being set while others are shoved out of the way […]

Tsu: Monetizing Your Social Network

Tsu is a social network with a twist: it’s trying to turn your social prowess into cash. Large social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, use ad revenue to generate a profit for themselves. Tsu wants to give you a cut of that revenue. Each user gets a code with which they can invite other […]

Ebola Crisis

Recently, there has been a lot of news on the outbreak of Ebola.  The article “Outbreak map: Where has Ebola spread to so far? And how many people have died? Here’s what you need to know” discusses the spreading of Ebola.  The main three countries that have been infected are Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Libra. […]

Google’s Autocomplete Suggestions and the Issue of Privacy

One of the most well known and widely used features produced by Google is their Instant Search, which automatically loads results in real time while someone is typing into the search bar. Google suggests results using many different methods, including geography of the searcher, query volume of unique verifiable users, as well as keyword and […]

Components of The Google Ranking System First of all, what defines a highly ranked page? Does it define the reliability of a website or the popularity? Does it rank the highest websites with the most revenue or the the ones that are most relatable based on keywords? One major factor of search engine rankings is pagerank. Pagerank assigns a […]

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