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Chitika – Real Time Bidding

Chitika, an advertising company similar to Google Adsense, is also a leader in this decade for PPI, PPC, and PPV advertising. What’s interesting about Chitika is its use of Real Time Bidding, which is quite different from the types of bids we learned in class. Google allows the Real Time Bidding option as well. Real […]

Gaming the System: A Game Theory Approach to Grading on a Curve

URL: If you are a student at Cornell University, it is highly likely that you are very familiar with the concept of grading on a curve. Many college classes at universities around the world use this approach in order to grade assignments in a predictable and consistent way by comparing students’ work to their […]

Building Off of PageRank – Google’s Improved Ranking Algorithm

Google holds a grip on internet traffic due to its enormous user base and provided services. Its main source of income is through paid advertisements for websites that wish to receive more views after its ranking algorithm places them on a results page. Result sorting began with the PageRank procedure in class, with pages that […]

Atlas and Facebook

In this article we learn that Facebook is reintroducing Atlas, a network that lets advertisers buy ads using Facebook data and put those ads on non-Facebook sites. Additionally, Atlas will allow advertisers to TRACK the effectiveness of their ads everywhere on the web. Even though the ad won’t be displayed on Facebook, the claim is […]

Is SEO a Honorable Marketing Effort?

Article Source: The term “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization was mentioned in lecture prior to discussion of auctions for advertising on mediums such as Google and Facebook. This reminded me of my experiences at a couple of internship positions that I have held in the past. The first time that I heard of SEO […]

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