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Daapr: A New Line of Social Media

What was recently in its testing phase here at Cornell University, Daapr, a new online social media, has been recently released to the public with the aim to “change the culture around reading and sharing content on the internet,” according to CEO Aaron Schifrin. With the desire to make users more comfortable to share content of any sort with people with similar interests, Daapr aims to create deeper and more meaningful discussions. Daapr is still very young, but shows potential due to its unique idea and excellent marketing scheme. Releasing Daapr to the students of Cornell, similar to how Facebook began and became popular in Harvard, gives the site a potential to gain a large and diverse user-base from the start. People do not need to use multiple platforms, nor have multiple accounts to remember just to share various types of content, as Daapr aims to make people feel comfortable sharing all types of content on just one platform, making social media more convenient.

Daapr’s release relates back to the idea of the internet as a network as well as representing networks as graphs. As all social media does, Daapr potentially introduces people with a common interest to each other, which can be thought of as adding more links between nodes in a graph. It can even potentially increase the size of the giant component that is in the network of the internet (discussed in class), as well as increasing the number of links inside of it. We can also think of a different type of network represented by a directed graph from people to social media sites that they use. With the release of Daapr, links may be added to this graph from people to the Daapr node, and links may possibly be deleted from people to other social media sites, if people decide that those sites are not useful anymore now that Daapr aims to congregate all types of content. With more social media comes more links, which brings more people together in the network of people who know each other in the world.

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