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Containing Ebola

Call data records, information generated from mobile phone calls, have been used in the past to monitor and map out disease outbreaks. According to an article by The Economist, a weekly newspaper magazine that takes a stand of classical and economic liberalism, CDRs were used to track movement by groups of people during the malaria […]

PageRank: 1996-2014?

The PageRank algorithm has been a standard part of Google since its introduction in 1996. However, in recent years it has lost its effectiveness because of the way people have learned to manipulate their websites to have higher PageRanks than they should. Recently Chuck Price of “Search Engine Watch” wrote an article about the decline […]

Can we avoid climate change? Or are we playing the game all wrong? In recent history, climate change has often been a topic of both political and social importance. While search rates on Google, of the phrase “climate change”, have dipped from highs reached in late 2009, it is still a pressing issue. Thus, it is interesting how a complex issue that matters a great deal […]

The Deep Web (Darknets)

Large search engines like Google and Bing, despite the enormous amounts of content they seemingly allow access to, only barely scrape the outer layer of the entire web. Top researchers say that the Web as most people know it (Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube – things that we can search for and find on Google or other […]

Google Looking to Build Profits through Mobile Device Ads

The New York Times published an article entitled  “Google Profit Will Depend on Wringing More From Mobile Ads” on October 15, 2014. The article talks about what Google is doing in response to seeing an effective drop in advertisement prices as its “cost per click” keeps falling. The drop in advertisement prices has to do […]

Tor, The Network Browser

The internet is an incredibly powerful tool designed to transfer information. These days you can find just about anything with a simple google search. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has access to an unfiltered internet like we do in the US. Many organizations (such as high schools) and countries (such as China) censor parts […]

The Politics of the Web

Not even 30 years ago, a person with an innovative idea would have had a much harder time getting his idea off the ground. He could use his connections to attempt to get started, but how much would that garner him? Whatever it may have been, unless he pulled the right strings, it was tough […]

Daapr: A New Line of Social Media

What was recently in its testing phase here at Cornell University, Daapr, a new online social media, has been recently released to the public with the aim to “change the culture around reading and sharing content on the internet,” according to CEO Aaron Schifrin. With the desire to make users more comfortable to share content […]

Possibility of Facebook being replaced? Facebook is often seen to be the core social media site that people use, but in March 2014, Ello was introduced to the public as an alternative social media site. Although also a social media site, Ello sets itself apart by several features: its ad-free simplicity, its vow to never sell user data […]

An Evaluation of the Page Rank System

The term “googling” something has become so much more prevalent in today’s society because it has become synonymous with searching for something on the internet. One of the main factors for this is the way that Google is able to provide the information that you are looking for so easily. It doesn’t matter if you’re […]

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