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The Spread of Epidemics and the GLEaM Model

As technology has advanced, so have systems of transportation. The movement of people is an important consideration in how a disease spreads. The GLEaM (Global Epidemic and Mobility) model was developed in response to mass population movement among geographic areas. It is considered a large-scale spatial meta-population model. This means the GLEaM model tracks changes […]

The Dynamic Bidding Structure of eBay

eBay, Inc. is a massive e-commerce company that provides a unique customer to customer and business to customer salves services using the Internet. The major function of the company’s website is as an online shopping experience that utilizes a unique online auction system to allow businesses and people to sell and buy a broad variety […]

The Emergence and Importance of Prestige in Information Cascades

The social development of prestige can be described through information cascades, a herding effect that arises in networks through sequential decisions made by many groups of people. The prestige that a famous individual has comes from his perceived societal standing that has been decided by the public. For example, one might praise a famous actor […]

VCG Principle and Expert Networks

There are many expert networks or question and answer sites on the Internet such as Quora and Yahoo Answers. These sites crowd-source answers to questions posted and rely on a community of experts to answer questions. However, the answers tend to be of varying quality and responses to questions may not be in real-time. An […]

Microsoft Exerting Authority As In Days Past

Apple vs Microsoft? The battle rages on. In the year 2010, Apple’s corporate value surpassed Microsoft’s for the first time, according to findings by the Wall Street Journal. Since then, Apple’s market capitalization has  been on the rise while Microsoft’s has been hurrying in the opposite direction. To be more specific, within a year of […]

Google updates to PageRank algorithm

Google mentioned recently this month that it may soon penalize and reward sites based on their mobile site user experience. Currently, sites are penalized if the mobile version of their page does not load correctly or doesn’t load at all, but it does not actually critique the mobile page. It simply assesses whether the page […]

An Information Cascade – A Billion Dollar Company with 1 Employee, $0 in Assets and no Revenue

Source: Cynk Technology Corp. (NYSE: CYNK) is a company with zero assets, no revenue, operating losses of $1,500,000, and literally 1 single employee. It plans to introduce a website called “introbiz” which is a social network of sorts that would allow you to barter the ability connect socially to other individuals. But not necessarily “normal” […]

Google Punishes Rap Genius for Search Engine Optimization Tricks

As one of the better lyrics websites, Rap Genius is a startup hoping to “annotate the world”. The website focuses on explaining the lyrics of rap songs, and most recently explaining other textual content such as the news and court cases. As a company started by Yale Graduates, Rap Genius raised $15 million from well-known […]

Bayes’ Ruling

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics” -Mark Twain Lawyers are notorious for exaggerating the truth. When money and lives are on the line, attorneys will do whatever it takes to win, even using math. Many lawyers have applied Bayes’ Rule to strengthen their cases. There is no doubt that the correct application of Bayes’ […]

Dutch Auction IPO

When a private company looks to expand and raise massive amounts of capital, it can do so buy selling equity. By selling shares of the company’s profits, companies can gain necessary funding to pursue bigger and riskier projects. This process of selling equity to the general public (which includes both experienced financial institutions and the […]

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