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Factory Farming : Who has the Power?

The animal factory farming system has come under close scrutiny in the recent past especially the treatment of animals, their living conditions and its effects to the environment. This is especially through literature and media in the form of movies and documentaries and social networking sites which describe the plight of the animals bred in large […]

The dynamics of the inventor network in German biotechnology: geographic proximity versus triadic closure

This paper discusses the increasing prevalence of triadic closure in regard to German biotechnology inventor networks.  Specifically, it compares triadic closure and geographic distance and each’s role in the development of networks.  Its purpose is to look more closely at the role of geographic proximity in networks, as this is a specific idea that has […]

FireChat App Creates Networks without Internet or Cell Service

Links: Commentary from Gizmodo NPR Article   Protesters in Hong Kong finally have a solution to governmental control of internet and cellular connection. A new app called FireChat has come out that will allow groups of people who gather to protest a chance for communication and updates simply by using their phone hardware. FireChat helps […]

Real Estate Bidding Wars

In many populated regions, trends show growth in real estate bidding wars as the supply of homes decreases, and the pool of buyers continues to expand. This excess demand, coupled with the difficulty in obtaining financing for mortgages, has created a complicated situation for buyers, sellers, and agents. While many buyers are after their dream […]

Wii U Nintendo, one of the biggest multinational consumer electronics companies, is turning 125 years old this year. Known as the world’s largest video game corporation (in revenue), Nintendo has produced multiple games held near and dear to the hearts of many. Although Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were two […]

Advertising Through Social Networks Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world, currently with 1.3 billion users. In particular, the diverse amount of information and interactions on Facebook give its developers prime access to personal data of its users which is invaluable in the marketing world. Based of traits like someone’s age, gender, location, […]

Conflict Resolution through Game Theory

Although game theory is mostly economical strategy it has been used in many other branches too. One of them is international relations. Game theory has been used in many military conflicts since its existence. One of the most important cases was Cold War, when leaders of both Russia and America had already their thumbs on […]

The Game Theory Behind Drive-by-Doctoring Practices

This article focused on a few cases of people who were victims of a recent trend in the health care industry, “drive by doctoring.” The cost for healthcare in America is very high because the health care network is structured in such a way that it is impossible for the classic market forces of supply […]

Twitter Use During An Event: Nodes and Edges

Twitter has changed the way people can connect, during live events, with each other and celebrities.  On September 25th, 2014 Twitter has a lot of traffic on its site and through its mobile apps.  This date marks the last game Derek Jeter played a game at Yankee Stadium in Yankee pinstripes.  Over a million tweets […]

Murder Networks: Using Social Networks to Combat Gang Violence

In 2009, the American Journal of Sociology published an article by Andrew V. Papachristos, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst who spent over a year of his life shadowing and interviewing members of several street gangs on Chicago’s West and South sides in order to understand the dynamics within gangs, interactions between rival gangs and […]

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