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The solution to all International climate disputes

International climate negotiations have always been a source of frustrations for the delegates at international climate talks. For instance, successive UN climate conferences have been swamped down by arguments about how emission cuts should be shared between the developing and the developed worlds.  However, according to a Northeastern University study, this problem could now be […]

Kind Hearts Rejoice! Evolution Does Not Favor the Jerks – A Game Theory Analysis

An ongoing debate in the evolutionary biological community is whether or not selfish actions are evolutionary favorable. It seems like the answer should be yes right? Survival of the fittest can easily be interpreted as doing everything possible to benefit yourself and to ensure you are living in the best conditions possible. Yet how stable […]

Evolutionary Game Theory Between Ravens

The need for evolutionary game theory in biology started with a problem. The problem was to explain why animals are doing what they do in contests for resources. Game theory is a branch of mathematics and economics where players choose different actions to maximize their returns. Interestingly, game theory can be used in many diverse […]

Pharmacies, Cigarettes, and Game Theory

5 days later, cigarettes will be an item of history in all CVS stores across the U.S. In this year’s February, CVS Caremark announced to voluntarily gave up selling cigarettes and all tobacco related products in all of its chains by October 1st. This was the first and only move made among national drugstore chains, […]

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