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The Hawk-Dove Game in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe, for the past seven months, has been the emblematic scene of aggressive foreign policy and symbolic of the Hawk-Dove game. As Russia has armed and aided pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine in their attempt to split and form their own nation, they have most certainly created a foreign policy game of which the […]

Cap and Trade: Auctions and Games

In 2013, California implemented a cap and trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cap and trade is a market-based regulation that “caps” total emissions in certain sectors of industries. The state allocates enough allowances for that capped amount of emissions, and the allowances are either given for free or sold in auctions by the […]

The Graphs of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been the highest subscribed MMORPG game since its release in 2001 and has managed to remain the highest grossing video game to date.  The reason it does so is because of the seamless social aspect that it offers, which throughout the years has evolved into something even more. Recently, Blizzard Entertainment […]

Gamble behind Snapchat’s $3 Billion Number

Throughout the past decade, technology has been a huge component of our lives. Our 5-inch phone happens to have every small piece of information that is part of our lives. Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, twitter, tinder, help us connect each other easier by being part of the social media world. The purpose of Snapchat is […] EBay in Reverse. Ascending Bid vs. Descending Bid is a new auctioning website that may become more successful than EBay. EBay uses the ascending auction type, where the seller sets a minimum price and people bid against each other until the time runs out. Pricefalls uses a descending auction (also known as a Dutch auction). Buyers set their “if it hits” price, […]

Cheaters begone!

As the gaming industry becomes larger, a fun player experience becomes a more and more sought after characteristic.  Cheating is a potential drain on the experience of the consumer at large and therefore there is also some potential gain in the research of how these behaviors come to be and spread.  Researchers from the University […]

Apple Pay and Game Theory

Apple Pay – Apple’s latest and greatest innovation – has the potential to spark the next big shift in the payment network as we know it.  Depending on its reception with consumers and the scope of its adoption by companies, it could prompt contactless payments to replace our current, card-based system.  It is hard to […]

The Culture of “We”

What do Zopa, Uber, Wikipedia, and Tinder all have in common? The answer is a network structure based entirely on sharing and trust that may hold the answer to solving global climate change, pollution, and poverty. They represent one of the oldest tactics to survival and coincidentally one of the largest trending ideas in the […]

Microsoft’s game theory study on Facebook

Forbes recently published an article called “Microsoft Uses Facebook As Giant ‘Lab’ To Study Game Theory,” written by Parmy Olson ( In her article, Ms. Olson explain that Microsoft’s research is being done using a new online game called Project Waterloo. Project Waterloo is a strategic battle game involving 2 players, where each player needs to […]

Network Flow to Determine Protest Size

Source: Nearly 400,000 people gathered to participate in the People’s Climate March in New York on Sunday September 22nd to attempt to influence the UN’s Climate Summit. What is often overlooked in these stories, however, is how the amount of people in the crowd is calculated. Due to protests being prone to rapidly changing, […]

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