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Selfless vs. Selfish: Who will be the winner in human evolution?

In human history, most people would agree that ruthless and egoist people were more successful than selfless people as they believe the phrase “only strong survive”. It is mathematically and realistically true because it is impossible that selfless people get advantage in the competitive game against aggressive and fierce people. The selfish strategy would always […]

Ant’s Behavior Leads to improvement of Social Networking

  Humans and different species act very similar when it comes to social networks. One species that has mastered the art of social networking is the ant. People who are on social media today behave in the same way that ants do in their colonies. What researchers are trying to develop is an algorithm that […]

Putting a Cork on Rubbernecking

Nobody enjoys a fender bender. If you are in one, it can cause quite the expensive spike in your already costly insurance rates and can take out a serious chunk of your time. Yet if you are watching one occur, with the exception of providing a momentary feeling of relief that it didn’t happen to […]

iPhone 6 Lines and Networking Traffic

It’s not news to anyone that last week the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus came out. I mean the news is currently filled with mindless dribble of how many people have been waiting in lines throughout the country, physically attacks that occured due to aquisition of the device, and the jaw dropping record sales […]

The Economics of Net Neutrality

Over the past few weeks, the debate over Net Neutrality has continued to develop and grow support on both sides.  Protestors nationwide participated in an “internet slowdown day” in an effort to push for continued unbiased internet speeds for content providers. In his article titled “Internet Slowdown Day; The Game Theory Of Net Neutrality”, Tim Worstall […]

Don’t Stop the Planes…Yet!

The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that began earlier this year still rages on throughout West Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that as of last week (September 15th) a minimum of 2,793 individuals had been lost to the disease in five countries. As the plague like disease continues to spread experts plead […]

First Real Life Example of the Hawk-Dove Game In this article, the author describes the first real life example of the hawk-dove game and explains how it relates to the sustainability of an ecosystem.  Although, the hawk-dove game theory has been very popular, it has been difficult to test due to the fact that it is challenging to identify distinct “hawks” and […]

How much are networks worth?

On Monday September 15th, 2014, tech giant Microsoft purchased the game Minecraft for $2.5 billion.  Minecraft is an extremely popular game that surpassed 100 million registered users several months ago, and it can be played on multiple platforms, mainly the PC, Xbox 360, Android and iPhone. Several sources revealed that the main reason for this […]

Neuroscience, Game Theory, and Monkeys

Whether it’s determining the price of a new product, deciding how to play a poker hand, or choosing how to bid in an auction, the decisions we make depend on not only how we choose among several options, but also on the decisions of those whom we are interacting with. In each of these situations, […]

Athleticism is not the only reason to win a soccer game

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil in the past summer. The United States was in group G along with Germany, Portugal and Ghana. As two traditional top teams, Germany and Portugal were the two teams that most people predicted to advance. However, Portugal lost to Germany in the first game with a […]

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