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Chimpanzees: Game Theory experts

Chimpanzees are one of the most intelligent species in the world, to the point where in some scenarios they can outsmart humans. A recent article, published in the prestigious scientific journal “Nature”, evaluates how Chimpanzees perform in different Game Theory scenarios and the quality of their performance compared to human performance (Martin et al.). According […]

Game Theoretic Methods of the Smart Grid Network

Game Theory has featured as an interesting technique to help people make rational decisions based on the variety of pay-offs on offer. At its core, Game Theory helps the world make decisions, providing a concrete framework to solve problems that involve allocating resources effectively or making decisions intelligently. Hence, it seems only natural that Game […]

Applying Physics to Explore Networks as Chaotic Systems

War breeds confusion. Thanks to a confused disconnect between media interest and political intrigue, following the connections, fueling factors, and original instigators of war is nearly impossible. Yet take the Syrian Civil War, run a mass of data known about it through a new program dubbed MAPPR, developed by three TED fellows to present graphical […]

News Waves on Facebook

Facebook algorithms used to miss or react slowly to news waves or topics of current interest that were spreading quickly. For example, if a passenger airplane operated by a major international airline disappeared overnight, you may not see related content posted by organisations and friends towards the top of your Facebook news feed. To address […]

Heavy Traffic in China

This article from the Economist discusses the causes of the recent rise of traffic accidents in China.  There has been a recent influx of travelers on China’s roads switching their mode of transportation from bicycle to car.  As the country continues to economically develop and more commuters become able to afford automatic vehicles, the roads […]

Probability and Game Theory in The Hunger Games

We discussed Game theory in lectures. The article dives into the game theory seen in the book and movie remake of The Hunger Games because it follows the rule that one player’s decisions affect what the other player will do. The author talks about the game theory of sleeping and compares it to the prisoner’s […]

Do Airports and Airlines really need Auctions too?

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (India) recently inaugurated a new Terminal in February 2014. This terminal, currently being used for International Flights only, has finally satisfied the local’s needs for a truly world class facility. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, there are still many problems at hand. The article published in the Times of India newspaper, […]

Braess’ Paradox in Motion

The new St. Mary’s Health Center in Jefferson City is creating a problem for the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Residents are afraid that the new employees — more than 1,100 workers — will be using their residential roads as shortcuts to work, therefore increasing the amount of traffic near their homes. What is interesting, […]

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