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Netropolitan: Social Network of the 1%?

Country clubs are one of those “finer things” in life that that one hears about. Only those who can afford them or have a friend who belongs to one will really know what they’re like. Membership can carry with it steep initiation fees and a pricey annual fee to boot. They grant members access to […]

Social Networks and the Spread of Scientific Discovery

Article: I personally do not associate the United States as a leader in science and literacy but what we do excel in is social media and establishing social networks. It appears that other countries, such as India, that have reached rewarding scientific landmarks are having trouble spreading the word. I consistently see articles shared on […]

The Cause of Viral Internet Content

Nearly everybody is very much aware of the insanity that stems from how quickly certain information can travel through the complicated mazes that make up the Internet. It is undeniable that since the popularization of the Internet, the speed of the spreading of news, videos, and general social media content has increased immeasurably. While these […]

Airforces Mission Awareness for Mission Assurance analyzes information networks

The United State’s Airforce is currently working on a consolidated program called Mission Awareness for Mission Assurance, which aims to monitor and analysis the information networks used by the military in order to identify potential security risks. This program intends to address the two concerns, risk of threats such as distributed denial of network service […]

Networking in the brain – Bringing the outside in

When we look at the networks around us, we view connections between many people, or connections between many groups. As we have learned in the calss so far, these connections can be strong or weak ties, and with those two come the triadic and strong triadic closures that describe the entire structure of the network. […]

Pathfinding for Artificial Intelligences in Video Games

For developers of the soon-to-be-released video game Rain World, the most appealing aspect of their work is their AI. A struggle for many game developers is programming how entities inside the game (that are not controlled by the player) behave themselves. Perhaps an entity simply moves along a set path with complete disregard for the […]

Scottish Independence

Scotland will soon vote on whether to become an independent nation, and the vote is expected to be very close – close enough that social media could tip the balance. Yes Scotland has about 1.5 times as many Facebook likes as Better Together, but its engagement rate (ratio of people talking about the page to […]

Away from Facebook: Discriminating Sub-Networks

We are all familiar with the myriad social networking options available to internet users today.  While Facebook remains the social networking giant, the apps that tend to gain the most popularity these days are those designed for a much smaller group of friends.  Users seem to move away from the platform where their activity can […]

The Game Theory of Tinder

Over the past few years our lives have become more and more integrated with technology and dating is no exception. Nowadays, instead of having to constantly go to bars or parties in order to meet new people and potential dates people can save the time and do it online or on their smartphones. Many apps […]

The Feast and Famine Strategy of Spruce Trees

The year-to-year variation cone production in spruce trees varies wildly. With some years producing incredible amounts that appear to be weighing down the tree, and other years producing hardly any. Additionally, all spruces in a forest will perfectly coordinate this feast or famine together each year without fail. How the spruce tree specifically communicate with […]

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