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Golden Balls

There is British Game show called “Golden Balls” that employs the prisoner’s dilemma.  The game begins with four contestants, and over the course of the first two rounds, two contestants are eliminated, and a jackpot amount of money is compiled.  The final round is where the excitement happens.  The premise is simple.  There is a […]

Game Theory in Marketing

Many new products are typically discovered through marketing. However, can companies improve their marketing strategies through use of game theory? In order for game theory to be completely successful, all factors affecting the outcome must be known. This becomes a problem when applying game theory to marketing. Humans are unpredictable. Even if companies use game […]

Job Searching with Triadic Closure

With the increase of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn it is much easier to expand and stay in touch with ones network. Not only are sites like these useful for keeping in touch with your social network but it is becoming increasingly popular use them to find professional jobs. This article analyzes a […]

Game Theory in the Crimean Crisis

In this article, Daniel Altman discusses the game theory behind Vladimir Putin’s decisions regarding Crimea earlier in 2014. Putin uses game theory as a tool to consider his opponent’s dominant strategy and only pursues ideas in which he cannot lose. In an attempt to increase Russia’s sphere of influence, or physical empire, Putin began by […]

Scottish Independence

This Thursday the Scottish Independence Referendum will occur. It will determine whether or not Scotland will be an independent country from the UK. There is much discussion world wide about how the outcome of the vote will affect international affairs. This whole situation can be thought of in terms of structural balance in a graph. […]

Gaming the System: A Prisoner’s Dilemma in the Game Show “Golden Balls”

Source: This segment of a RadioLab episode is about the ending of a British Game Show, Golden Balls. The main part of the show is about people adding money in various ways to the jackpot, but the very last segment of the game is a sort of Prisoner’s Dilemma among two finalists: they can […]

New Baggage-Check System

The new baggage check system claims to eliminate the hassle of checking in baggage. In addition to long check in lines, the time it takes to travel to the airport is also inconvenient due to traffic and ridiculously high fees. Thus, Hong Kong has implemented a new system called in town check in and a […]


Every year Christmas seems to come earlier. To some people, the universal feelings of charity, goodwill, and joy that Christmas brings may be the cause of this sensation. Of course, it might be because the shopping season starts earlier. Black Friday has traditionally been the official start of the Christmas shopping season as families line […]

Google To Expand Android Into Emerging Markets

The proliferation of mobile devices within the last decade has transformed the modes of communication, strengthening the connectivity of decentralized social networks and forming new avenues of demand. Despite the approximate 2 billion active mobile devices in use, Google has been setting its sight on further expansion into emerging markets to expose mobile devices to […]

Building Local Bridges in Organizations The issue with modern large organizations is that it takes so much effort to find a colleague, possibly your 1st tier network, their 1st tier and even their 2nd tier networks only to find someone who is sitting 2 rows across from you. Just how important is it to develop an organizational network? Very! […]

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