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In a rather recent article, Economists Finally Test Prisoner’s Dilemma on Prisoners, published in the LA Times,  journalist Geoffrey Mohan explores the results of a recent experiment where German economists test the prisoner’s dilemma, for the first time, on prisoners. While there have been previous studies of prisoners dilemma, the subjects have always been student […]

Second-Price Auctions & Last-Minute Bidding: eBay & Amazon

Auctions on eBay and Amazon all follow the rule of second-price auction, where the highest bidder wins the bid and pays the second highest bid. And thus, it is suggested by both website to bid the maximum of the price that user is willing to pay as early as possible –which makes sense according to […]

NSA and Social Networks NSA Examines Social Networks of US Citizens   In the past few months, as a result of Edward Snowden’s leaking of NSA secrets, we learn more and more about how the NSA does its work every day. Some consider it as an infringement of privacy, while others feel it is a necessary sacrifice in […]

Data Mining   Through data mining, companies and retailers are now able to personalize coupons, advertisements, and other marketing strategies for consumers. With more information the internet, retailers like “Target can buy data about your ethnicity, job history, the magazines you read, if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy or got divorced, the year you bought (or lost) […]

Professional Networking for Startups

Working for a tech startup, I’ve realized how much networking comes into play in determining whether the startup succeeds or fails. To play with the big boys, you really need to have the right connections, whether it be lawyers, business-minded people, or the right technical developers. The site that we’ve been working on is about […]

Job Searching By Weak Ties   In this article titled “The Surprising Reason Your Networking Isn’t Working” by Levit, she claims that people’s weak ties and dormant ties, are more likely to get them a new job versus strong ties.  The reason for this is because people’s strong ties do not give them access to new information.   Weak ties […]

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