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Isolated Components on the World Wide Web, How do they exist and what are the ramifications?

Article:,,,,CUB,,5062e8a7c,0.html   Thinking about the Global Social Network it is easy to ration that almost all populations are some how linked through at least one or two local bridges, and this assumption becomes easier with internet interactions and Globalization. But despite all the forces driving the population of the world towards connectivity there are still […]

Using Conditional Probability to Justify The iPad Mini

It’s a well known fact Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and co. had been publicly stating for years that a 7-inch tablet is way too small for a good customer experience.  Cook, current CEO of Apple said in an earnings call last year the following “Let me be clear, we would not make one of the 7-inch […]

It’s no longer “Priceless”

MasterCard advertises on the concept of “pricelessness” and have generated billions of dollars in revenue. It seems odd for the company to emphasize what you cannot buy with money to encourage customers to buy more with money, but it works. How can this be? If you are to buy or sell a kidney in a […]

Hey, That’s A Secret

We all know that the internet is full of information, going from the simple answers to calculus integrals, example circuit designs, and latest research papers on IEEE. By the way, my major is no longer a secret. Well, look back to December 2006 when a site called WikiLeaks posted a “document to assassinate governement officials […]

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