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The Effect That Connectivity To Networks Has On Media Websites

The explosive growth of social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, over the past decade has made them valuable sources of advertising for many online businesses.  One industry that has particularly benefitted from the development of social networking has been the online news media.  It has become a trend on social networks for users […]

A Web Solution for Real Life: P2P Car Sharing

“Pick an idea the world will want in ten years,” boasts the headline of a recent article detailing the rise of car sharing service Getaround. Forget ten years – China needs such a service now. With an increasingly large percentage of their 20+ million citizens having the inclination and the funds to buy a car, […]

Game Theory in the Dark Knight Rises

In action movies such as the Dark Knight Rises, we often see strategic games. How people react to the villains can be further analyzed using game theory. Here are two examples that I found interesting illustrating using game theory: The movie begins with a scene on the aircraft when a government agent is interrogating criminals […]

Reverse Network Effect with Scale and the Impact on Internet Companies

Network effect is a crucial factor in the Internet economy. However, for those social networking companies like Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, network effect is also a two edge sword. Network effect may also hurt internet companies: as new people join, others are motivated to leave. It is called reverse network effect. In the passage written […]

Facebook Exchange Facebook has implemented a new platform called Facebook Exchange (FBX) that manages the systems to let advertisers bid for ads and place them in real time on a user’s page. It monitors information gathered from a user’s visits to other websites to select the best ads to place on the page. Facebook’s method of […] Combinatorics, the mathematics of organization, shows very similar reasoning methods with the networks theory studied in class. Combinatorics is the branch of mathematics that is central to basic problems inherent in our data-rich age; it is the quest to uncover relational meaning among the members of those sets. More specifically, the Ramsey theory shows […]

The Greek and German dilemma

Europe’s leaders are facing dilemmas on what to do with the struggling euro zone and a Greek’s possible abandonment of euro zone’s membership. Even a single exit from the euro zone can cause an implosion within the zone, exacerbating the current instability of the euro. An exit would bring chaos to the entire euro zone, […]

Spreading the Smiles: Happiness in large social networks

A commonly understood phenomenon, people who surround themselves with happy people tend to be happy themselves. We usually see the opposite: a college student randomly paired with an unhappy roommate tends to be unhappy for the time they live together. This is on a short term, but how does association with happy people affect people […]

Putting Car Dealers on the Spot

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, a political scientist who teaches at New York University, explains in this video how to use game theory to your advantage in your attempt to procure the best price for your next car purchase. The method he proposes goes as follows: you call multiple car dealers that are within your predetermined […]

Gangnam Style: Fluke or New Media Masterpiece?

Psy – Gangnam Style If you aren’t Korean, odds are you don’t listen to much K-Pop, and you probably can’t name more than a few artists (if any at all). But every day it’s becoming increasingly likely you’ve heard of Psy, the 34 year old K-Pop sensation behind “Gangnam Style.” If you’re still in the […]

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