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Bronx Bombers and Patrick Ewing

When someone who isn’t even a baseball fan, let alone a sports fan hears the team name “Yankees”, they undoubtedly can name a few players on the team, with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez (also known as A-Rod to baseball fans) being most likely on the list. Derek Jeter is famous for being a wholesome […]

The Merging Game and Mixed Nash Equilibria

Glencore International has been working on merging with Xstrata, a mining giant, and recently unveiled its newest and apparently final offer to Xstrata share holders. The initial offer from Glencore was 2.8 shares to one and was quickly rejected by several large shareholders including Qatar Holding. The new offer is 3.05 shares to one and […]

Spread of Disease Through Networks

In lecture, we asked: In a map of the social network of the entire world, how many connected components are there? Are there any groups of people who are entirely disconnected from the rest of the world? We established that the social network of the world can most likely be represented by one “Giant” connected […]

The Quandary that is Hero Ball

In the modern world of professional sports it is safe to say that statistics and game theory reign supreme.  That is, while purists who judge solely by gut feeling and conventional wisdom still exist, phenomena like “Moneyball” have revolutionized sports and turned them into numbers based games.  However, despite these radical changes, there are still […]

Apple’s Latest and Greatest A quick look at the relative stock values of Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, and Samsung over the past five years gives a very informative picture of the technology company landscape, specifically with regards to cell phones and tablet computers. Samsung has a roughly 100% stock increase over this period, Amazon is at 191%, Microsoft is […]

Pioneering Social Network Visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool. When confronted with a complicated and interconnected network, sometimes the only way to analyze it effectively is by looking at the complete graph, the big picture.  That is exactly the goal of the company TouchGraph, which has designed software that specializes in network mapping and graph creation. The software is […]

How deeply the game theory is rooted in our competitive sports, today.

In a world where media is capable of delivering news to almost everyone in the world, a story of a testicular cancer patient surviving to win seven consecutive Tour de France surely sells out. As profitable as it sounds, his story is very touching too. In fact, many cancer patients do not hesitate to look […]

Mythological Networks

  Can Network Theory determine whether narrative works are fictional or historical? In lecture we discussed properties of social networks that should occur if it the networks are real, namely the strong triadic closure property and the property of structural balance.  In this article by Padraig MacCarron and Ralph Kenna in the online opinion section […]

Big Data : Secret Recipe for Success

With more than two billion Internet users today, the amount of online data has been exploding at an alarming rate around the globe. Social networking sites along with other online services have further accelerated the rate of online data boom. Data scientists have been busy at work to capture and analyze these massive loads of […]

Game Theory on Jobs

Considering the current economy, I thought it would be interesting to apply networking concepts to job searching. The article briefly outlines the current job market and unemployment rates and the fact that lowering unemployment rates are due to less people seeking jobs. Part of the reason that is addressed it that the job market […]

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