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Going Viral and Game Theory

How do ideas become “viral” and spread like wildfire in an online community?  Does it have to do with the number of people who are exposed to the idea or the level of interest of the subject or something entirely different?  In an online article, “Game Theory Explains Why Some Content Goes Viral on Reddit, […]

Mobile Technology and Africa

BBC – How technology democratised development In How technology democratised development, Ken Banks discusses how mobile networking has become a vital tool to combat some of Africa’s problems. Through mobile networking, Africans are able to work more efficiently by constantly communicating through calls and messages, coordinating meetings and such with much ease. They are able […]

The Networks In My Head Like You A Lot…

In the research article “Oxytocin Receptor Density Is Associated with Male Mating Tactics and Social Monogamy” by Ophir, Gessel, Zheng, and Phelps, the neuroanatomy and mating tactics of the monogamous male prairie voles and non-monogamous male meadow voles were analyzed. Through social experiments and observations of partner preferences, they were able to connect neural network […]

How can friendship be defined today?

In today’s world dominated by interaction through technology and social networks, what really is friendship? Can accepting a friend on Facebook, following someone on Twitter, or liking someone’s photo on Instagram really constitute a friendship? These are all questions that researchers are trying to figure out today. New social networks, specifically Path, FamilyLeaf, and Pair, […]

Connections: The Door to Your Next Job

  Are you striving to break into the career of your dreams upon graduation?  Well it turns out that the recommended resume critique sessions, symposiums, and conferences in order to make yourself stand out isn’t nearly as important as Networking.  Quality networking doesn’t always have to be trying to meet industry leaders in your field, […]

Presidential Election Through Social Networks

With the growth of social networking websites, the importance of their roles in the politics has been on a continuous rise. Now that the 2012 Presidential Campaign began, prowess and influences of the social networks became clearer. According to the article written by Bykowicz of Bloomberg News, two dominant social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have […]

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