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Five Keys for Creating Viral YouTube Titles

There is a lot of information available online referencing SEO, or search engine optimization. Individuals, amateur and professional, are trying to get the marketing edge on their product by simply altering the way they name their videos. The goal of a YouTube advertiser is to get the audience to watch the target video to connect them to the target brand. Google’s AdWords keyword tool allows the user to gage the popularity of certain keywords. Using such techniques, advertisers are capable of working with their titles to get their videos to the top of the search list for specific search queries. The optimization is popular because the optimization requires no additional capital investment by the user unlike buying advertisement space on a Google results page, and can have astounding effects on a YouTube video’s popularity.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the YouTube user’s attempt to predict YouTube’s page ranking engine to effectively place their product, in this case a viral video, onto the first page of the results page. The first step to optimizing the search for the video is the title. Online tip sites, like this article, recommend the user to determine the frequency of specific keywords being typed into the search queue. The title acts as the keywords that establish the video to the keyword oriented results pages. The more effective titles are those that connect the video to the popular search pages. The higher visit rates the result pages have, and effectively the keyword, the more relative value the video has. The concept here is fractionally similar to the page ranking theory earlier explored in lecture. The relevancy of the video is correlated to how many results pages it can be linked to via simply its title. This concept is strictly isolating the optimization of the name of the video and effectively disregards paid advertisement section.

Expanding from the results page of the YouTube site, videos from YouTube can also show up on the relevant results pages on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Making titles that are relevant for these search engine results pages is also another mean of marketing the specific video. One specific example in the article was the simple inclusion of the word “video” in the title to target non video oriented search engines significantly boosting the relevancy of the video to the search engine.

Simply by looking at title optimization, there is so much that a user can do to optimize their views. The difference between the next viral video and the video with 1,200 views can be as simple as the word “video”. Boosting relevancy and increasing clicks can be done completely cost free in this case and brings networks into everyday life of the common media consumer.




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  • nini

    highly sophisticated

  • vimal

    i like this article 😛

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  • Jennifer Smith

    Thank you for information, I’m going to create youtube video about my site, so this information was useful for me, ‘cos I’m not a great specialist in SEO

  • The Work From Home Guy

    Great point about the trigger words being used in the video title. Include major keywords in the title & description as well as in the tags to make your videos even more search-friendly.

    When ranking youtube videos in the serps its important to create a channel then use the advanced search option in Firefox. Download the free seo quake add on to locate high pr (page rank) youtube vidoes. Comment on these various high pr channels and you receive a better quality backlink to your specific channel increasing your videos overall rank.

    Also promote your video via social bookmarking on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. Use a Similar process as mentioned above, for example social bookmark the video on a site like digg then go through content on dig giving a thumbs up to content you find interesting. This thumbs up in turn gives your dig profile internal backlinks to where your video share is located.

    Discovery / Watching / Sharing These will be the keys to your youtube success.

    Enjoyed you post,

  • Guillermo

    title of the video optimization is very important, and the description and keywords in a video driven business, so it may be important to include a subtitle file in the video settings to increase its relevance


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