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The Reddit Information Cascade: is a site where people submit content on the internet so that users can vote and comment on them. It has a “Top” page that displays the content with the most votes of a certain time period (positive votes minus negative votes), and comments can also be voted on. Also, it has a “new” […]

The Information Cascades of Diets

The advent of modern medicine in the early to mid-1900s caused the populace to consider life span and personal wellness on a much larger scale. An effect was many people beginning to ask, if I am what I eat, what should I eat? With the food industry booming and modern advertisement escalating there was a […]

iPad Power with Kindle Fire or Cheap TouchPad Prices at Least 2 Years Away, Says Peter King

With the growing success of apple’s Ipad, HP decides to create a similar product but was not successful in selling it. Peter king who is an analyst at Strategy Analytics stated in an interview with Wireless and Mobile News that apple will continue to dominate the market for such products. Seeing the success of apple […]

Google Refused Law Enforcement Request To Pull Police Brutality Video

Google has received requests from the government to remove certain videos from YouTube that display police brutality. The reason for the government asking to remove these is to protect the public image. The police force aims to have control over the citizens as to preserve order. If the public sees the police as brutal […]

Analyst: Kindle Fire Pre-Orders Continue to Climb,2817,2396308,00.asp#fbid=J4dNhfIRquK This article mostly just shows some statistics on how well the Kindle Fire is being sold during pre-order. However this is a great example of information cascade. The Kindle Fire, while no one even owns one yet, is being sold in great numbers, so clearly people are “following the crowd”, and basing their decision […]

Cascades, Slave Revolts, and Civil Rights Protests

As an Africana Studies and mathematics major, my interest was peaked when Dr. Tardos referenced the Civil Rights Movement in class today. I have always looked for ways to intersect the two disciplines, and this blog post seems like a great way to do that. With that said, I hope to analyze African American history […]

Google Earth and Disease Outbreaks

One of the hazards of large interconnected networks of people is the ease with which diseases can spread. Connections with friends allow you to learn about new products but they also make you susceptible to catching diseases. The challenge for scientists as they attempt to analyze and prevent outbreaks is to discover the underlying network […]

Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL team up on ads Search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and AOL, and social networks like Facebook make profits mainly from their ads sale. However, how hot their ads spots are is directly related to how dominant they are in their field. Because all advertisers want their products information saw by as many consumers as possible, they […]

Crossing the Line: Protesting to Rioting This article was mainly about how protesting crosses the line into rioting. In this current age, protests and riots have heavily gained the attention of the media. Not just in the US, but also the London riots and the riots in Egypt and Libya. Many times, these riots start out as peaceful protests and […]

Why Facebook, Not MySpace?

I’ve always wondered why Facebook has become as big as it has. After all, there was already a social networking giant in existence when Facebook came around. All my friends were on MySpace, and it seemed like the rest of the world was too. How did Facebook beat MySpace and why did everyone decide to […]

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