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Gold Bubble and Ponzi Scheme: Driven by Information Cascade

In class, discussion about Information Cascades has mostly involved people making decisions about adopting a technology or choosing a restaurant.  This closely ties into the ideas of the successful growth of a product in the marketplace, whether it’s a new technology or a social networking site like Facebook.  In these cases, expectations of how many […]

Networks and Market Leadership

According to Gartner Inc., an information technology research company, Apple is expected to remain the leader of the tablet market until 2014. Android tablets, which constitute the second largest market share, currently make up only 17.3 percent of the tablet market. Their market share will presumably go up to 36 percent by the end of […]

Climate Change Solution that Proposes Game Theory This article and related paper discuss a new way about tackling the difficult procedure of dealing with climate change on a global scale. Combining game theory with linear compensation and a social psychology model, this new idea developed by Jobst Heitzig, Kai Lessmann, and Yong Zou seems to be one of the most logical […]

The Winner’s Curse in Acquisition

The winner’s curse is an interesting anomaly in economics. When people participate in a common value auction without knowing others’ value on the object, they each estimate the value and bid accordingly. If we assume that the true value of the object is close to the average bid, then the winning bids are always higher […]

Poker: A Game Described By Game Theory Poker is a game of strategy and cunning that involves “knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em”. Strategy however is highly dependent on the payoffs attributed to every player and in poker the payoffs are solely dependent on the strategy of every other player. In the link provided they list […]

Perfect Season Ended Early

Earlier this fall, a high school football team was under investigation for violating recruitment rules by their respective section. This high school football team was turned in for recruiting players from surrounding high schools by the coaches and offered a place to live so in order to be considered residents of the town. Once the […]

Strongly Connected Component of Web – Wikipedia

There is this game that I played with my friend called : wikipedia race. The screenshot of the Wikipedia Race is presented below. Urban Dictionary defines and gives an example of Wikipedia Race as the following: A fun little game to play, where two or more people set a starting page and an ending page, […]

Why Bill Gates quit Facebook?

Bill Gates told guests at a forum held in New Delhi that he quit facebook. People may think that that is because Bill Gates hates Facebook as a dangerous competitor against Microsoft. However, this is not the reason that he quit facebook. He quit it because he was overwhelmed by the number of friend requests coming […]

dreidel, dreidel, dreidel… oh wait, not that game

This blog post was a lot more difficult than the first mainly because a lot of pop culture references were already written about.  So I decided to look for examples of game theory in religious texts.  What I found was quite interesting. In the article, the author discusses a situation of bankruptcy.  A man dies […]

Problems in the Eurozone

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the current economic situations in Greece and Italy. Greece has driven itself into a great deal of debt and has had much turmoil throughout the past year.  Their problems were created by uncontrolled spending and borrowing from other nations.  As seen in the Firstpost Economy article […]

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