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A Cool Application: On-Chip Interconnection Networks and its Analogies

If you’re reading this, it is likely you are on a modern computer, with a 2-4 core processor or perhaps some even higher-performance specs. In the very near future, it is quite likely that you would be reading, perhaps not this, but some other text, on an even more complex machine running a 64-core processor, […]

The Id of the Internet: Identities in Online Networks

With the emergence and burgeoning growth of the Internet over the last several decades, the way in which societies and humans interact has changed dramatically. Anyone who uses or has used a social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace, Google+, etc. are very aware of the profound influence these virtual hubs have on many facets […]

Using Twitter and Information Cascades to Predict the Market

This NY Daily News article discusses the prospect of accessing the social network Twitter as an informational resource to predict the future three days in the market to about an approximately 87% accuracy.  The article goes in depth into how monitoring Twitter feeds as an individual investor would not be a wise choice; if major […]

Don’t bother with the tin foil hat, it’s your daily technology that will do you in…

Our society is reaching a critical point in the classic security vs. freedom debate. On one hand, the rapid development of technology helps to increase human efficiency and to keep people connected over great distances. On the other hand, practically all privacy has gone out the window. Especially as technology such as phones and computers […]

Game Theory Applied to Starcraft II

Starcraft II is an incredibly popular and strategically interesting real time strategy game. The player gets to command a military outpost, gather resources, build an army and engage in battle. In the process, players make countless decisions in real time like which units and structures to produce and where their army should be positioned. In […]

Klout: Measuring Your Influence, the San Francisco based social media analytic company has made headlines recently over a changes made to its scoring system. For those who are unaware about what Klout is and does, it evaluates user behaviour on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few. It then uses an algorithm to compute […]

Why are the stock markets so much more complicated than theory?

Having discussed financial markets briefly in class, it becomes very apparent that the underlying network exchanges that constitute stock markets are plain and simple. In theory, the network exchange of stocks allows equity to flow from a seller, through an intermediary (a trader) to a buyer. With a multitude of buyers purchasing and sellers offering, […]

Penny-Auction Strategies

Since the beginning of mankind, trade has acted as a market that enables individuals and groups to transfer the ownership of both goods and services.  Ranging from essential articles, such as food, to extravagant novelty items, trade has marked its ownership in the American culture.  Trade can be found in multiple forms, such as free […]

More than just a bid

How Google sets advertisement prices to learn more about QualityScore visit Interesting bid simulator In class, we learned about various ways that the search engines set their advertisement prices. Although these concepts are very important fundamental concepts, in real life, we need to look further down than these topics. Especially  to understand […]

Google’s AdWords Dynamic Search Ads Google is one of the largest corporations in the world in profits, and with this new AdWords feature, it is looking to expand even further.  This new feature is geared to appeal more to small businesses, who Google hasn’t historically gotten much business from.  The issue is that Google has the power to give […]

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