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PageRank on Semantic Networks, with Application to Word Sense Disambiguation

Link: This was an academic paper by Rada Mihalcea, Paul Tarau, and Elizabeth Figa discussing the use of the PageRank algorithm to solve a problem in natural language processing.  The idea also utilized a semantic knowledge graph called WordNet.  WordNet organizes the words in the English language into groups called “Synsets”.  Each of these […]

Nextdoor: Facebook for mom and dad Tired of your parents commenting on your Facebook wall and afraid they might see that picture you never knew was taken? Introduce them to the new homeowner’s version of Facebook called Nextdoor.  This innovative idea was brought together by the minds of various community website experienced professionals.  The site is designed how Facebook started […]

Who controls the world?

Recently, Swiss economic researchers have completed the first ever global network analysis of the world’s most powerful transnational corporations and have found out that a core of 737 firms control more than 80% of the world’s global network – confirming conspiracy theories about a powerful alliances controlling the global market place. The results display an […]

I’m Feeling Lucky…and Wealthy! It is a bit astonishing when I read the article on recently concerning Google’s revenue from advertising. The number speaks: 36 billion a year advertising revenue for Google—skyrocketed the 21-billion record in 2009.  In this article, Wordstream, a company that sells software analyzing text ad campaign, has come up with the top 20 […]

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