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Using Twitter as a Source of Information

This article discusses how the social networking site, Twitter, was monitored in order to find out what was occurring within a National Football, and how within seconds they could find out when a touchdown or an interception occurred. It then talked about using Twitter I order to gain information about the occurrences within various events. In one case, a group of engineers designed software that monitored and analyzed tweets (Twitter updates) made about various football matches. The article showed favor toward using Twitter to find out information about various events and occurrences within peoples lives.

Twitter is a network of people, like the networks we have seen in class, and it allows us to monitor and measure how information is spread through this network of people. A group of people connected on Twitter will most likely share similar interests, whether it is in a team or in a certain situation. Rather than go to or a different sports website, a person could check their Twitter and find out find out the same information faster due to a post by their friend either at the game or watching the game on TV. In the article, a person was quoted saying that when the power goes out in his neighborhood, he would like to know whether he is there or not. Using twitter this is possible; one of the people in his neighborhood that he follows on Twitter would just have to tweet about it.

A group of people following one another on Twitter can be viewed as nodes with strong ties. Information that a person is interested in is most likely to come from other people that they have strong ties with. Twitter in this case can be viewed as a News source that specializes in what a person is interested. As opposed to searching through a news source such as the website of the New York Times or ESPN that cater to all people, a person can check his Twitter and can find out about his favorite team’s scores and news that relates to his area, because people on his Twitter that he is following will most likely be interested in the same thing that he is and will tweet about it. Monitoring Twitter helps to understand this and see how information is flowing in a network and what is happening within certain events.


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  • Aditya Ramachandran


    I stumbled on your blog googling for some related information. I appreciate your theoretical treatment of real-world news on contemporary networks. The textbook you have is a goldmine of information. I will be reading it with interest.


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