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Bargaining and Power: Israel and Palestine

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has existed for many years, and extends as far back as 1948 with the Arab-Israeli conflict. In recent years however, the amount of conflict and therefore necessity of  negotiations and resolution is cause for one to consider a simplified network modeling the different interactions between the world’s nations. In particular, this post expounds upon […]

Additional Strategies and Equilibrium in Fighting Games

Several months ago, math-focused blogger Ryan R ( discussed a payoff matrix for play-styles in the fighting game Marvel Vs Capcom 3, as well as a method of evolving the mixed equilibrium to match developing playstyles. The article focused on the development of strategies over time, using complex system modeling to simulate the evolution of […]

Applying Networks and Graph Theory to Last Year’s World Cup 2010

During last year’s world cup I came across an interesting article that claimed to predict the winner of soccer matches based on analyzing statistical data they had organized into a network. The group, from Queen Mary, University of London, used passing data from various teams in the world cup in order to create a network […]

The Game Theory of College Rankings

Source: Every year, the US News and World Report posts their annual college and university rankings. Students, faculty, and administrators of these schools, as well as prospective students and their parents, look forward to seeing the new rankings every year. High-achieving students often want to attend a top 20, top 10, or even #1 […]

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

Soccer games in Europe are one of the most important phenomena that make millions of people to sit in front of a TV and wait for the outcome of some sort of a game for about two hours. This means that it is a huge industry and the outcome of the game is not only […]

Who buys Hulu?

In the world of college, Hulu is a widely used resource to catch up on missed television shows for those students that don’t have access to TV otherwise.  In the expanding maturity of the internet, such sites like this succeed in providing great products that wouldn’t be available otherwise.  However, there are many big corporations […]

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