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Digital Piracy and Game Theory

Illegal copying and distribution of digital media such as software, music, and movies have been a major source of concern for the sellers in these markets. In the cited paper, the author uses game theory to determine whether or not sellers should enforce strict copyright protection of their intellectual property. A game is played between […]

Traffic, Games, and Crowd-Sourced Data

One of the benefits enjoyed by smartphone users is the myriad of apps available on a device that is literally right at your fingertips. Apple claims over 425,000 apps for the iPhone (, not to mention those for other platforms such as Android. Among all of the games, calculators, and apps made for both business […]

Social Network in Bacteria

Bacterial biofilms form complex networks dictated by signaling patterns known as quorum sensing. Bacteria use quorum sensing to alter genetic expression in local populations in response to external factors. The first step in biofilm formation is the attachment to a surface suitable for biofilm growth. As bacteria begin to attach to the surface, they excrete […]

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer 2011 US open Semifinal Match Point In an epic five-set semifinal match at the 2011 US open, Novak Djokovic, the world No. 1 player, defeated Roger Federer, the world No.3 player 6-7 (7), 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5. There was much attention to this matchup as it truly was a clash of titans; Djokovic, the best player this year was facing […]

Instagram: A Network of Pictures

Instagram is a photo sharing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that was created earlier this year and has been extremely successful, reaching almost 10 million users this month despite their small staff of 4 employees. The application works by allowing users to share moments of their lives through a series of photos which […]

Global Warming: The World’s Most Dangerous Game

Global climate change has (with good reason) rapidly taken over the spotlight of international discussion. But while global warming poses an increasingly imminent threat to the worldwide landscape, few nations have demonstrated a willingness to take concrete action towards mitigating this threat. Australia is one such country that, in the past few years, has made […]

A Change in Culture The article linked above is on how is it better to be a “geek” than a “nerd”. The article gives great examples on why geek culture is on the rise, while nerds are still not respected (per say). It makes a point that geeks are fashionable, yet still manage to be themselves with knowledge […]

Microsoft Research Launches Facebook Game to Research Game Theory on an Unprecedented Scale

(source: Microsoft Research has recently unveiled a game that has been developed for Facebook, a popular social networking website trafficked by more than 800 million active users.  The game is called “MSR Project Waterloo,” which, as implied by it’s title, is a war game in which two players allocate 100 troops among 5 different territories, […]

Retailers Aim to Clear Stock of Tablets

Since the release of Apple’s iPad more than 2 years ago, a handful of other PC and smartphone developers have jumped into the market to produce similar products priced at $499. Even at the same matching price point, producers such as Samsung, Motorola, and RIM have struggled to find buyers for their devices.  Hewlett Packard, […]


There are numerous musical services online which allow users to listen to their favorite artists free of charge via the insertion of “occasional”, they heavily stretch this word, advertisements into their music stream or for a small monthly fee remove these advertisements altogether. Some of these services are:, Rdio, Spotify, and Grooveshark. Although all […]

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