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Gaining Popularity Online?

What makes one blogger more popular than another? How can someone achieve so much popularity online faster than everyone else? Most importantly, how can I become more known online? Many ask themselves these questions every time they post something on the internet. Whether a new user begins posting YouTube videos or a new blogger begins commenting on the news, these are still very important questions whose answers may not immediately be so obvious.

In the article cited above, the author gives some tips and ideas to increase one’s popularity on the blogosphere. He mentions holding blog contests, which would cause many new participants to join and thus become aware of your blog. This is not only a good way to get more people interested, but also a good way to have readers coming back to read more of your articles. In terms of a graph, if you picture yourself as a node with edges extending to all your readers, then these edges form connections ranging from very strong to very weak. Readers who regularly visit the blog form strong connections while readers who have visited it once or twice may form weak ones. While it is important to have a lot of edges, meaning a lot of people have visited your blog, strengthening these edges is key to becoming popular instead of forgotten.

Another key idea to increasing connections is gaining the attention of other bloggers and sources that will backlink to you. By doing this, you also gain some percentage of the popularity attained by articles or people that reference you or one of your articles. The more popular the external source is, the better it affects you. This in turn adds more edges to your graph of connections and thus further increases your popularity. As for how to gain and keep the interest of others, that is up to you and the content you choose to display. This whole process is on a variable time scale and could range from a matter of months to several years. However, by analyzing the trends in the growth of number of visits to your blog could see what is working and what needs to change and one day you might begin to see those numbers climbing faster and faster.


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