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Networks in Biology – Protein-Protein Interaction Networks in Yeast. We are living the era of the biological revolution. Barely 10 years ago, biologists sequenced the human genome, and since then the fields of genetics and genomics have grown exponentially. Predictions were made that the sequencing of the human genome (and of other species) would lead […]

Traffic Congestion Dilemma

–To Add or Not to Add Known as one of the most busy-traffic cites, Beijing struggles to deal with the heavy traffic jam and increasing traffic flow. A group from Microsoft Research Asia conducts a research about how to ease the traffic using the GPS data collected from city cabs. The researchers determine to construct […]

“TheTime Capsule Collection of Early Proof Sets”

The article “The Time Capsule Collection of Early Proof Sets” is taken from the “COINWeek” website. Recently in 2011 proof sets have been discovered and were auctioned. The story began when a dad took his son to the Philadelphia Mint in 1883 where he bought a proof set. Ever since that first visit, the boy […]

Auction listings greatly influence perceived item value

Researchers from Notre Dame conducted a study correlating winning bid values and characteristics of item listing. The study focused primarily on coins sold on eBay during a two year period. The results showed astounding differences in average winning bids for identical items with different listings. Items ending on weekends as well as those with a […]

Why the Population Decline, Japan?

The entrance of the Baby Boomers to retirement, and thus the social security payments, engendered much alarm in the United States as concerns about the burden of younger generations to support the huge number of Baby Boomers spread. In comparison to what Japan faces today, however, the US social security “crisis” appears to be laughable. […]

Movie Recommendations and Human Decisions

On October 2, 2006, Netflix introduced a competition called “The Netflix Prize”. The purpose of this competition was to better a movie recommendation algorithm. Along the way it revealed several insights about the way humans make decisions. If you do not already know, Netflix is a burgeoning company that started out in the business of […]

The European Union’s Ill-Proposed Global Financial Trading Tax After four years of toying with the idea, the European Union finally resolved to implement a tax to assist in generating revenue.  As propagating international news has made clear for the past couple years (ever since the first Greek bailouts), the 27-nation EU is in a financial crisis: debt levels have hardly ever dipped […]

The Consequences of Social Networks As we’ve discussed in class, exploiting the information derived from social networks can be extraordinarily useful to companies such as Facebook in developing new systems. For example, we explored the mechanisms of a friend-finding algorithm based on the concept of mutual friends. We can see this algorithm hard at work in plain sight on […]

Gaining Popularity Online? What makes one blogger more popular than another? How can someone achieve so much popularity online faster than everyone else? Most importantly, how can I become more known online? Many ask themselves these questions every time they post something on the internet. Whether a new user begins posting YouTube videos or a new blogger […]

Congestion vs. Sprawl- The Traffic Debate Continues

The Texas Transportation Institute’s annual Urban Mobility Report is widely considered the industry standard in national traffic reports.  This year’s UMR states that the annual cost of traffic to the average commuter is roughly $713 a year.  This price is the grand total of a multitude of factors, including the price of extra gas spent […]

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