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Foursquare, fourth dimension of social networking Twitter and Facebook ask users to answer the question: What are you doing right now? This may be the most fundamental question that drives the social network to be an on-going system. This question is not only imposed in these two social network services, but in many others including Foursquare and Loopt. However, Foursquare […]

Ants: Why the poor communication skills? Effectiveness in networks is not necessarily synonymous with interconnectedness, as Braess’s Paradox demonstrates in networks where individuals selfishly choose their route. However, the idea that the effectiveness in an interaction network is not always completely positively correlated with interconnectedness seems even more counterintuitive than Braess’s Paradox. A recent study of interactions between members of […]

Climate change program cooperation and game theory

Reference: The above article, “Sustainability scientists advise countries on climate change,” discusses the reasoning behind why so many countries are lagging behind when it comes to lowering their greenhouse gas emissions. Two scientists at Michigan State University (Dietz and Zhao) have proposed that the basic ideas behind game theory are the same ideas that […]

Human Disease Networks

Traditionally, doctors think about human illness in terms of the tissues involved with a particular disease. However, biologists have recently begun to think of diseases through the genetic mutations that cause them. Researchers in the United States and Korea have assembled the “human disease network” and the “disease gene network,” which are graphs with diseases […]

Auctions and Entering new Markets

Auctions have come a long way, from the Dutch (descending-bid) auctions used to sell flowers, to electronic bidding for all types of products, most commonly known via eBay, and now auctioning of radio advertisements, a relatively new market for auctions. eBay and Google have already tapped the cable television ad market for auctions, and according […]

The New Facebook: A network within a network

On Wednesday, Facebook tweaked the homepages of its 750 million users, with what Facebook labels as “top stories”, “recent stories” and a live “ticker”, a live feed on all the ongoing activity that also appears in newsfeed (A Facebook inside a Facebook, the article calls it). This change is to “tailor” what users want to […]

Who are we? Who are we? How are we defined nowadays? Well, to start off, we are defined by our actions and our peers. And nowadays most of self defining in done online. Social Networks have grown so much in the past decade that there is limit to how much we can be defined without Social Networks. […]

Is Facebook the Next Tastemaker?

“Facebook me”. What a simple phrase that we now accept as part of our dialogue. As the web’s biggest social network, Facebook will now not only help you buy what you need, but also introduce what you might want. Using its large network of 800 million users, Facebook is teaming up with companies to use your friends’ interests to influence […]


This blog is an analysis of the English Soccer/Football League along the concepts of modern networks and game theory. Data and information is directly referenced from the league’s official website:,,12306,00.html The English Premier League is the most popular football/soccer league in the world. It runs for an annual season in which case twenty teams(nodes) play […]

Basketball Predictability using Game Theory

Applying a little game theory can help you increase your chances in winning a basketball bracket. According to, a friend was able to gain the upper hand in predicting the outcome of the most NBA playoff games as possible through the use of some game theory. In the scenario, correctly predicting an NBA game […]

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