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Play Calling in Football: Increase your chances of scoring

I read an article the other day about how there was a study being done regarding the best formula for play calling in a professional football game. Two men named Kenneth Kovash and Steven Levitt studied a total of 125,000 plays from the course of the 2001-2005 NFL seasons. The sample they used only consisted […]

Balanced and Unbalanced Networks in Warfare

The concept of balanced and unbalanced networks is an intriguing topic that was explored in class. This is because of its many applications in day to day interactions among people, but also the more complicated applications throughout history. I have decided to demonstrate how balanced and unbalanced networks have played out in several large wars […]

The Epidemic of Overconfidence

Everyone knows someone who thinks they’re good at everything.   I can name more than a few friends of mine who never seem to be as good at things as they believe, and if I were being truly honest with myself, I’d say that I probably overestimate my skill in a few areas.  This epidemic of […]

Game theory on reality television

ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” is a reality show that brings together 18 contestants from past “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” seasons. It is usually enjoyed only as a guilty pleasure of mine, but in the finale last Monday, the final two contestants, Holly and Michael, were put in a Prisoner’s Dilemma-type situation that relates directly to […]

Learning to Recommend with Explicit and Implicit Social Relations

Introduction: For this blog assignment, I summarized an interesting academic paper I found using Google Scholar.  I start by providing basic information about the paper, then state why I found it interesting, and proceed to note the basic idea discussed, the assumptions considered, and finally provide an overview. Title: Learning to recommend with explicit and […]

Wealth’s Influence on Connectivity in a World of Seven Billion

As the world’s population surpasses seven billion people, our world continues becoming increasingly interconnected with technology. This is nothing surprising and, conceptually, a self reinforcing trend. As more people become connected, there are more chances for connectivity with others. The surprise comes from the degree of division of interconnectivity between the low and high income […]

East Side Access The transportation infrastructure in New York City is a major driving force behind the city’s successful operation.  Whether it is the roads, rails, water or air, all of these modes keep people moving and the city alive.  The focus of my blog will be on the rails of New York City, more specifically, the […]

Fashion Networks

The website, My Life Scoop – Tips for a Connected Lifestyle, suggests that the top 5 social networks for fashion are Chictopja, Polyvore, Tumbir, Kaboodle, and Twitter. The five social networks listed act as a medium to explore and live Fashion. Of those, Chictopja, Polyvore, and Kaboodle are completely dedicated to Fashion. Each networking site […]

What happened to Michael Vick ?!

(Network) (Degree plot) During September 18, 2011, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick, was injured. Who would replace Vick? The more interesting question is if someone cannot watch the game then where are people on the web retrieving their information about Vick’s replacement? I sought out a solution to this problem: […]

Facebook and University Life

The article “Facebook, social integration and informal learning at university: ‘It is more for socializing and talking to friends about work than for actually doing work’” analyzes the way university students use Facebook for social and academic purposes. The study focused on 213 first year undergraduate students at a British university. From a social perspective, […]

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