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Networks in Computational Biology

Professor Jeffrey Varner, professor in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department here at Cornell, conducts his research in computational systems biology. The objective of his research lab is defined as developing physiochemical modeling tools that can be used to reprogram signal flow in various pathways within the body. For example, one of the topics the […]

Probabilities Involved with Arranged Marriages through Online Dating/Matrimonial Sites

In many countries, individually meeting and selecting a life partner is not the norm.  Rather, families will introduce their sons or daughters to potential mates and be very involved in the whole process.  With the advent of the technological age, however, the internet has provided access to online dating and matrimonial sites, allowing people from […]

Ascending-Bid Auction in Fantasy Football Drafts

I’ve always been a bit of a sports fanatic. Ever since elementary school, I’ve supported my favorite teams by going to games, wearing jerseys, following statistics, etc. From high school until today, I’ve had my own “fantasy” football team in a league with a group of friends. The league has 14 members total and we […]

LinkedIn: The official business network With much of today’s society caught up in Facebook and Twitter, not many have thought about the remarkable networking possibilities with LinkedIn. Based on the platform of professional networking rather than mainly social networking, this rather small company that started in December 2002 announced its 50 millionth member last week. Now why is it […]

Facebook’s ‘Smart Lists’

I find the cross-discipline between technology and communication very interesting- particularly social networking and media sites, and especially when they make changes that enrage all of their users (a la Facebook updates leading to annoyed statuses about the new layout). These changes are the topic of my main article below. A couple of days ago, […]

Game Theory and Auctions in Divorce This article from “The Economist” discusses the use of intricate game theory used to model and predict highly influential real world events. While these models are really amazing, I would like to talk about an example given in the article on how game theory can help negotiate divorce settlements. In this example both the […]

Pricing Strategy and Its Game Theory Applications The author from the above article noted that Coke and Pepsi were never on sale at the same time. In fact, one academic paper has found that in a span of a 52-week period, Coke and Pepsi ran non-overlapping price promotions for 26 of those weeks. The odds of this happening by pure chance […]

You are the company you keep. In class, the ideas of connectivity and structural balance have been applied to virtually everything – from models of collaboration between researchers to even the intimate relationships of high school students during an eighteen month time frame. However, even after being exposed to such a large spread of “real life” examples, the manner in […]

Game Theory in Poker

Poker, as  a game involved with odds and betting can be analyzed using game theory in order to partially optimize the players’ outcomes. As poker is a zero-sum game, the overall outcome (when adding the wins and losses of all players) is zero. Also, poker has a high variation of possible outcomes, as well as […]

Game Theory and Online Privacy This article examines how people share large amounts of information online seemingly without regard to the privacy they are giving up. The author asserts, “you would think that people would be concerned about ensuring that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, or that it can’t be used or exploited for advertising purpose. The […]

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