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An outbreak of facebook viruses: simulating the spread of biological viruses

Two days ago, I received a link to a strange video from my facebook friend. I later realized it was part of an outbreak of viruses, from friends to friends, throughout the social network. Once clicking the video, one’s Facebook password and account information could be stolen, which could be used to spread more viruses […]

Clustering Coefficients in Weighted Complex Networks This article, titled “The architecture of complex weighted networks” by A. Barrat, M. Barthelemy, R. Pastor-Satorras, and A. Vespignani, discusses the structures of large and complex networks with weights defined on the edges and also defines some interesting measures for the weighted networks including the weighted clustering coefficient.  We have learned in our textbook […]

As Cubers Cube

Rubik’s cube. Yes, the infamous toy that drew obsessions among people of all ages back in the 1980s. After briefly phasing out of public view in the 1990s, it came back full force at the turn of century with the help of pioneers like Dan Knight and Jessica Fridrich. The founding of World Cube Association […]

The phenomenon of Web 3.0

This article by Martin Zwilling is about one of the most popular fads in business and entrepreneurship today – Web 3.0.  One of the first things I notice on the webpage are the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter icons right under the title introducing the article and already I realize how much this phenomenon has affected […]

Policies Options by the United States

In this article, it discusses a recent incident in Mavi Mara. A Turkish ship passed through an Israeli blockade that caused Israeli soldiers to board the ship. While onboard, they killed nine Turkish activists who supposedly had connections to illegal terrorist organizations. In recent days, Turkey has expelled every Israeli diplomat and promised to escort […]

One of the things that was really intriguing to me that was discussed in class was the idea of payoff matrices in real life situations. Take for instance, the decision made when people compete at a tournament for prizes. What motivates people to wholeheartedly compete for first prize? Would it be more practical to save […]

Ramsey Theorem

Ramsey Theory This is a paper talking about application of Ramsey Theory in computer science. Frank Ramsey was a mathematician from the 1920s who studied some areas of philosophy and mathematics. Ramsey’s theory is a theorem in combinatorics that says that given a coloring of a sufficiently large complete graph, there will exist a […]

To Develop or Not to Develop? That is The Question. In his article, “Game Theory: The Developer’s Dilema, Boeing vs. Airbus,” Kretschmer illustrates how multi-billion dollar decisions made by huge international corporations such as Boeing and Airbus can be explained using simple game theory similar to what we learned in class. In the early 1990’s The Boeing Company and rival Airbus (two of the […]

Security Alert

Facebook Pwn tool takes profile info, helps social engineers I log onto facebook, three friend requests and another farmville invite… accept, accept, accept, ignore.  And onto the newsfeed. It would be easy for me to overlook such a dupe.  You go to a big school, you don’t want to be rude, if someone has […]

Social Network: Past, Present, and Future.

Social Network. What pops up into your mind when you see this word? One would probably say Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or Messenger. However, one should easily be able to find a common feature among these responses: They are all electronic form of social network. We live in the electronic age where we are able to […]

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