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Typical Mail Replies

Request for directory access:

Hello <Name>,  Thank you for your request.  Our current policy is that access is limited to  members of the Cornell Community with an Alumni status.


Directory not returning expected results:


Hello <Name>,

We received your e-mail regarding the difficulties you had with the Cornell Connect Alumni Directory Search page. I wanted to pass along some strategies for searching the Cornell Alumni Directory.

I first like to remind people using the directory search that Alumni have the option of opting out of having their information displayed in the directory. It possible that you may enter correct search criteria and not have the person s information returned. While that may sound confusing, as the stewards of the Alumni’s data and information, we have an obligation to abide by their wishes.

When searching the directory, I suggest starting off with search criteria that will return the largest population for you to review. I would then suggest adding in an additional search values to narrow down the results to improve the prospects of finding the correct alumni. Additional search criteria can then be added in to further narrow down the returned list to help find the person in question. For example, I might start off searching on last name and subsequently adding in first name, then perhaps preferred class and/or state.

Thank you for reaching out to us, I hope this answer may help you with future uses with Cornell Connect.


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