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Directory FAQ

Cornell Connect


Cornell deploys an iModules based Alumni Directory that allows Alumni to search for Alumni and to update their own information.  A couple of important things to remember regarding Cornell Connect:

  • Access to Cornell Connect is limited individuals granted  Alumni and Alumni Non-Degreed status by Cornell University and to Johnson Graduate School students.
  • Data changes made via Cornell Connect are processed via a batch interface into the PeopleSoft system which is the data of record.  Some data elements such as name changes are processed into a report which are investigated and manually updated in PeopleSoft, other data elements are auto-loaded into PeopleSoft.
  • Data changes made into PeopleSoft are processed into the directory on a nightly basis.
  • Regarding degrees listed in the Directory:
    • Only degrees granted by Cornell University will be listed in the directory.
    • Alumni are not able to edit their degrees,  any request to change a degree should go to Tilly Garnett.
  • Alumni are able to ‘hide’ their records from alumni search inquiries.
  • Directions for effectively searching  the Directory involves strategies that can be shared with Alumni that may have difficulties locating fellow Alumni’s information.
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