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Managing Non-Member Records (PrePopulate/Identity CheckPoint)

An alumni’s permanent record in iModules is called a member record.  Each record is identified by Common ID which is the same as their Cornell EmplID. It is also sometimes called their Constituent ID.

A temporary record in iModules is called a non-member record.    Both Alumni and non-alumni can have non-member records created during various interactions with iModules.  The engagements of the non-member record is not associated with the permanent record until the records is merged into the member record.

There are processes and procedures in place to merge non-member records with permanent member record that can be routinely run by iModules systems administrators within AAD.  There are batch processes to merge and/or delete these non-member records along with a manual process that can be run as needed.

The goal is to merge non-member records with the member records to combine one complete engagement picture. However, the process for merging the records is manual and requires a fair amount of effort. As a result, it is important that we try to minimize the number of non-member records that are being created using options that are available in iModule. To the extent that they are created, we want to streamline the effort to get them merged.

Staff creating events have two options that can facilitate iModules non-member merges and maintain data integrity.

Either option is implemented by selecting a checkbox when creating the form.  One option is called “Identity Checkpoint” and the other option is called “Pre-populate”.   iModules recommends that for most all forms, that one of the two options be checked.

Identity Checkpoint vs Pre-populate (MS-WORD)

Identity Checkpoint vs Pre-populate (PDF)


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