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Event Models

iModules provides the following decision tree when attempting to decide  what type of  of event to create:


The Fee-Driven Registration is used for an event that will charge a fee for attendance.  The user will have to purchase the Event fee in order to be registered. This model can also have associated activities, with or without fees and donations are supported in this model.

The Activity-Driven Registration will register the user for the overall Event if the user is registered for any of the associated Activities.  This is the new model for the Homecoming or Reunion weekend type of events.   Activities can be both free and/or fee-based.

The Form-Driven Registration allows the user to click on the registration button, fill out information and submit the form – that’s it.  No more “Are you attending?” The user will be required to complete the entire process in order to be registered. This model can have associated activities, with or without fees.

The Simple RSVP Registration is a very simple Event option with RSVP Yes / No.  It is designed for use in smaller events where the client wants to explicitly know who is unable to attend.  To reduce complexity, reporting and support issues, activities cannot be added to a Simple RSVP Event.

iModules provides a site to help walk through selecting the type of event model to use.

iModules has provided a video that  can also walk you through some of the decision making processes.

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