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Using Templates, Content Blocks, Naming tool, Image tool

Using e-mail templates will permit more rapid turn around time for e-mail development.

Please use existing templates created by the Email Marketing team. These templates have been validated to work across multiple platforms. If you create your own template, there may be issues with mobile devices and email software applications. The ITSG and the Email Marketing Team  may not be able to address issues with emails created outside of vetted templates and may not be able to retrieve these types of templates if deleted.

The suggested approach is to NOT create your own templates,  but to create an email from a template every time. An additional option can be re-using an email created earlier from an approved template. Re-used emails should always go from the original email,  do not modify an email, reuse it to form a new email, modify that email, then re-use the modified email.   iModules has seen that technique result in failed emails.

Image cropping tool

Use this image cropping tool to enlarge, reduce, and crop your images before submitting your email request form. This tool has predetermined image sizes that aligns with all of the iModules email templates. There are a variety of banners, single/multiple headshot options to choose from.


We have recently created an email naming tool to ensure consistency of the names of each email in iModules.

The consistency of email names in iModules will make it possible for the email communications team to sort and report on data as a whole for AAD.

Starting April 30,  every iModules email creator must use this tool to create the names of their email.


To help illustrate this function see the attached PDFs.



Step 1 – open the naming tool:

Step 2 – select your department name (if yours is missing, please contact me)

Step 3 – enter your netid

Step 4 – enter your desired description about your email

Step 5 – enter the date your email will be sent

Step 6 – Click on the FINAL NAME and copy the title

Step 7 – In iModules, open the Email Details Page

Step 8 – Enter your EMAIL FINAL NAME in the Email Name box

Step 9 – Save


iModules Email Naming tool

Where to place name in iModules


Email template colors

Cornell Red = #b31b1b
Gray body text = #666666
Black footer = #141414

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