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Email Schedule


EMT designates the email team, Client designates the individuals submitting an email request

Time Line

  1. EMT-review form submission form supporting documents (day 0)
  2. EMT-review black-out calendar (day 0)
  3. EMT-send a reply e-mail to client: confirm form and list receipt, share production timeline below with dates – including proposed send date, ask for clarification if needed (day 1)
  4. CLIENT-return answers to clarification questions, if necessary (day 2)
  5. EMT-setup e-mail using supplied data from the form (day 2)
  6. EMT-load new graphics (day 2)
  7. EMT-connect list (query or upload file) (day 2)
  8. EMT-production edit (test to yourself) for quality check and review (day 3)
  9. EMT-send preview/test to designated client reviewers (day 3)
  10. CLIENT-deliver changes/edits to EMT (day 4&5)
  11. EMT-e-mail client with confirmed send date and confirm is ready to send (day 6)
  12. EMT-schedule email on the calendar, BCC client (day 6)
  13. EMT-4 days after the e-mail sent date: download e-mail report (day 10)
  14. EMT-e-mail client: report and sample of the email (day 11)

*If changes are requested after the email has been set up and sent for review, repeat Days 2-5 until approval is granted by Client

Reminder: Naming your email
Follow this naming convention when creating your e-mail title in Imodules, here is a sample:     dhe4/REUNION/class1980Picnic/August2015

Use these data references in this order: Your netId, program area, detail that is appropriate, month and year of send date.

If you have questions regarding the schedule  – contact Deb Earl 

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