Dear Parent/Guardian:

Cornell University’s Illuminating Differently Abled Awareness group has developed an education curriculum on disability advocacy and awareness. Our goal is to shed awareness on the often-misunderstood topic, and also empower teachers and students to advocate and empathize with individuals of difference.

Students will participate in a variety of activities to learn about the current misconceptions surrounding people with disabilities and the difficulties they face. After each activity, students will have a brief discussion to reflect on the activity. The disability awareness unit will culminate in a group presentation where students will research and better understand various disabilities. Students will be able to identify difference, reflect on feelings, and act in an appropriate advocacy role. Your feedback and support of your child’s portion of the presentation would be extremely beneficial and meaningful.

In addition to the discussions held in class, we strongly encourage all families to discuss how a person with a disability affects your family’s life. In addition, you may consider ways that your family could recognize and help remove the various barriers to access for people with disabilities within your community.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the disability awareness unit, please do not hesitate to contact us or your student’s teacher.


For students to:

➢ Recognize the abilities of people with disabilities
➢ Feel comfortable addressing disability
➢ Use language that creates positive images of people with disabilities
➢ Develop empathy to know and understand what it may feel like to have a disability
➢ Develop positive images of people with disabilities

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