Our Project

This curriculum was developed as a tool for educators, leaders, and facilitators to raise awareness among their students and develop an undertsanding of how langugae and attitude influence perceptions of disabilities. The goal of this curriculum is to spark conversations about disability and inclusion among students with their peers, teachers, and parents. We hope to shift negative perceptions of disability towards acceptance and respect by providing students with educational tools to increase their knowledge about specific disabilities, address disability stereotypes, and create more inclusive and respectful learning environments.

Our goal is for this to become sustainable not only by promoting disability awareness and sensitivity as a curriculum, but also for this awareness to continue into an ongoing and open discussion.


For students to:

➢ Recognize the abilities of people with disabilities
➢ Feel comfortable addressing disability
➢ Use language that creates positive images of people with disabilities
➢ Develop empathy to know and understand what it may feel like to have a disability
➢ Develop positive images of people with disabilities

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