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  1. Screen Dependence

    February 27, 2013 by Ian Perry

    As the world becomes more and more dominated by screens of all shapes and sizes, it’s crucial to remember the importance of the real life interaction. Do not let screens impede on this extremely important part of everyday life. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions are all changing the way we interact with people, both close and far. It’s up to us to keep this effect as positive as possible. Some of the responsibility falls on the changing technology, but it also falls on us.

    Give people the in-person attention that they deserve. Your phone should not take precedence over the person who you’re sitting across from. You already spend enough time during the day looking at a screen. Don’t waste yours and other people’s time by becoming too dependent on your screen. Emergencies are understandable. However, I didn’t ask you to dinner to watch you text someone who you’ve probably been texting the whole day anyway. I didn’t agree to grab coffee so that I could watch you respond to emails. Be connected, but not dependent. Look away for an hour and enjoy some in-person interactions. ┬áDon’t waste my time, and I won’t waste yours.