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  1. Hanging with Cornellians – Professor Tarleton Gillespie

    March 1, 2013 by Ian Perry

    I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a video series on my blog. Each week, I will interview someone who has some affiliation with Cornell, aka a Cornellian. This can be a student, faculty member, staff member, alumnus, etc. I’m hoping to feature a wide variety of people. Each interview will be conducted over Google Hangouts, and every Friday, I will post the YouTube video and a brief description here on my blog.

    Each video can be found at, which is a roll of video that I’ve created on just for this series!

    Below is the first one in the series, in which I interview Professor Tarleton Gillespie. It was the first video I’ve ever uploaded to YouTube and I’m excited to share.

    Professor Tarleton Gillespie
    Professor Tarleton Gillespie is a professor here at Cornell in the Departments of Communication and Information Science. He has written a book on digital copyright, titled Wired Shut, and has two more books under contract that are set to be published in 2013. Professor Gillespie’s recent work has been on algorithms and how they relate to public discourse. In the following interview, I ask questions about the importance of algorithms in finding relevant content on the web.


    To see all of the videos in the series, visit