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  1. So many buildings on campus

    February 6, 2013 by Ian Perry

    I’ve never met anyone who’s been to every building on campus (at least not that I know of), nor have I been actively trying to accomplish this task. However, this past week, I went to One World Cafe in Anabel Taylor Hall for the first time. It got me thinking – how many buildingsĀ have I been to on campus?

    So, using my Foursquare check-in history and Google Maps, I quickly generated a map of all of my check-ins on campus (this is an easy way to do this, without having to use the Foursquare and Google Maps APIs). As you can see, I still have a ton of buildings to get to. There are over 260 major buildings on campus, and I most likely won’t get to every building before I graduate. However, I’m going to make a conscious effort to go to a new building a few times a semester. There are so many hidden gems across campus, and each building is unique in its own way.

    Foursquare check-ins on Google Maps

    Foursquare check-ins on Google Maps (blue pins represent check-ins)

    I’ve been here for almost four years, and a few summers, but I’m not surprised that I still haven’t been to lots of the buildings on campus. Once you get focused on your major, you generally tend to have all of your classes in one general area, and it’s difficult to find time to explore for the sake of exploring. Also, the map is a little deceiving because I didn’t start using Foursquare until my junior year. I didn’t include North Campus for this reason. I also must have forgotten to check into some buildings where I know I’ve been, like Rhodes Hall and Morrison Hall. There are a few check-ins at the bottom of the map near Dryden Rd and the Graphics Arts Services Building that seem random, and maybe the geolocation on my phone was a little bit off that day.

    Has anyone been to every building on campus? I’m curious to hear in the comments.