Welcome to HVRL Horticulture

The Hudson Valley Research Laboratory (HVRL) is a part of Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experimental Station in Geneva, NY. Founded in 1963 by the tree fruit growers, HVRL serves the fruit and vegetable industry of Eastern New York through Entomology, Plant Pathology and Horticulture research and extension programs.

We are located at 3357 US Highway 9W in Highland, NY 12528

The horticultural program at HVRL strives to address challenges in agrobusiness of 21st century offering an innovative approach to tree fruit and grape production in collaboration with College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE). Our mission is to help farmers by testing new management strategies and technologies and support their implementation in agricultural practice. We believe that our contribution in the field of scientific research will give farmers advantage over the rising threats in food industry caused by climate change and make the fruit, grape and wine production sustainable.

Protecting apple fruits against sunburn damage

Our blog is a part of the effort to reach growers of the Hudson Valley and directly inform them about the current and past research conducted at HVRL, recently recognized as Farmer’s Alliance for Research & Management (FARM).  

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